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Part L Appraisal

Planning Stage Part L Appraisal

With more standard dwelling designs, Part L Compliance is not usually a consideration until planning approval has been obtained.

With more complex proposals, designers may want to understand how concepts they are developing will perform with respect to Part L Compliance, even at the planning stage, as this may affect the detail of the proposal.

This approach may be considered in several circumstances: –

  • when higher proportions of glazing to floor area are included in the design
  • where heating systems using fuels other than mains gas are to be installed
  • if non-traditional construction methods form part of the planned development
  • at a location where certain types of heating or renewable technology may not gain planning approval

We can also apply our experience and expertise to advise you on Part L1B compliance, applying the priciples of the “greater design flexibility” in section 4.4 for extensions, and 4.16 for change of use conversions.